Thursday, December 31, 2015

Deaths in 2015

These are deaths of people in my mind's community in 2015..  Some of these people I was close to and some I would not know them if I saw them on the street which I probably have  (its a small world) but they had a relationship with people that I do care about.   They are being missed.

Ann Kuzy, friend and adversary.
Arnold Parrrish, lilfe long friend.
Billie Tyson,  1st cousin, once removed.
Billy Joe Royal, formative years friend
Bridgette Scarborough, friend
Clarence Robinson, friend, and father's coworker.
Dona Henderson's mother, friend and ex-neighbor
Donna Lawrence,  daughter of friends  Neal and Jane Lawrence
Dot Croy, mother-in-law's friend
Gibson Poston,  Anna's clubmember's husband
H.A. Hensen, life long friend.
Hope Frances Hunter, couisn, twice removed.
Jack Benson,  high school friend
Joe Kirby, Facebook friend
Kim Russell Lee, 4  Anna's fiend and coworker
Larry Moon, 2nd cousin, in-law
Lucille Chastain,  Anna's friend's mother
Marie Foster Prance, Anna's mother.
Nan King Cobb,  First cousin in-law Ann Meek's mother
Rebeka Naomi Ray May, age 103, distant Ray relative
Robert N. and Mary Mayes Suhr, parents of David Hunter's wife Nancy.
Sarah Alma Sullivan  life long friend Dick Sullivan's wife.
Zucker, Larry, Adam friend Savvt's grandfather

Knowing me, I probably left somebody off.  If so, I'm sorry.


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