Tuesday, December 29, 2015


We thought over the possibility of making a cake for this season.   Or, I reasoned, it might be easier to buy one. It might be too late to order one or buy one from a bakery
Then I thought of Wanda June.   I suggested we call a bakery and ask them if they had any WANDA JUNE BIRTHDAY CAKES.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WANDA JUNE  is a play written by Kurt Vonnogut.  It was made into a movie in1971.
The whole movie is about a man full of himself; inflated ego, played by Rod Steiger.   And much of the movie/play takes place in deep profound discussions in the  living room.  It is Rod Steiger's character birthday.  I think it was his wife that ran out to a bakery to buy him a birthday cake.  They were out of birthday cakes but they had one unclaimed one.  The cake said HAPPY BIRTHDAY WANDA JUNE.  She bought it.

It was unclaimed because that same day Wanda June was ran over by a car and lost her life.  As the play progresses Wanda June and Jesus is high above in Heaven playing shuffle board and musing over the family members interacting that got her birthday cake.


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