Monday, July 28, 2014

The Art of the Dance

We went to a concert Friday night in downtown Marietta at Glover Park.   The band was AMERICAN FLYER and they were good.   They livened up the audience and a lot of people of dancing and just moving with the rhythms. 
Speaking of people inspired to move with their music were four or five teenagers that were in front of the band stand and by the steps to the stage.  I thought their movements with the music, their interpretation of what they should do was, well good too and deserve some attention.

I noticed them; got my camera out; and focused on them.  Which was hard to do because the crowds of people kept getting in the way.  About every time I have been in the Square recently there are kids in that same place doing interpreted dancing with a hat in front of them on the pavement.

I think they had a hat on the pavement or bricks in front of them.  If one wanted to toss some bills into the hat I doubt if they would chase that person down and return the money and say, "We do it for love of the dance, not money!"


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