Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mark Anthony Cooper

Cooper Furance

This huge stone structure is on the side of the Etowah River, just below the Allatoona Dam.   Back in my teenage years I climbed that thing.  It has protruding rocks and stones so it was fairly easily to scale like a roach might, although it did take my breath away.  I think two of us did it.  After we reached the top we realized that we also had to climb down, which seemed it might be harder.  But, we took it slowly and made it without losing our grips or foot hold.

What I didn't realize until recently, that the big stone thing is the only remaining ruin of what was a complex iron and mill works owned by Mark Anthony Cooper (1800 - 1885).  The Cooper - Stroup manufacturing complex had hundreds of men working.   Now, the rest of the complex is under the waters of the Etowah River and Allatoona Lake. 

I just read an article about Mark Anthony Cooper in the book A NORTH GEORGIA JOURNAL OF HISTORY, Volume 1.  article THE STORY OF A COMMUNITY ONCED CALLED ETOWAH by Robert Scott Davis, Jr.

Mr. Cooper was a very enterprising man, he owned many companies, bought companies, improved them and sold them.  He owned several railway companies and one of his companies, the article said, built one of the locomotives involved in THE GREAT LOCOMOTIVE CHASE.  Unfortunately, it didn't say if it was THE GENERAL or THE TEXAS.

Cooper made a lot of money and seemed to have lost all his money in one swoop but actually it was because of a series of unrelated things that went wrong.

Broke, he spent his remaining days in Murray County, Georgia.

Mark Anthony Cooper



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