Friday, July 18, 2014

Graves in Murray County

These graves are mostly distant relatives on my mother's side, but some just looked interesting.  We visited the two cemeteries July 16, 2014  There are a lot more relatives' graves I could have taken, but I already had them.

Sumac Presbyterian Church, Crandall, Murray County, Georgia 

This picture may look odd or flipped to you.  Well, you are right if you thought that.  The morning sun would have cast my shadow over the marker if I stood in front to take it.  So, I got behind it and took the picture upside down.

My great grandparents: Thomas Jefferson and Mary Etta Pullen Ridley 

Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery,  Crandall, Georgia

Great grandparents Daniel Webster and Jane Garrett Petty.
Jane's grand children (my mother's generation) knew to keep their distance from her.  If they got too close she would grab them shake them fiercely.  

Grandparents William Elijah Joseph and Frances Viola Ridley

These are three siblings, my grandfather William Elijah Joseph Petty's brother and two sisters.  They lived in the big original Petty House.  One sister had died and the other sister was in a rest home when the house burned to the ground, with the brother in it.

Chatsworth , Georgia

I think at least eight law enforcer officers came and gone while we were there.  

Dalton, Georgia

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