Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Atlanta Union Station and Me

This was the Union Train Station in Atlanta.  It was across the street from where I worked for the Postal Service for years, until they tore it down to make way for the non-descript Richard B. Russell Federal Building.   The  Union Station was empty  the whole time it was there during my stay.  The vacant little walkways and empty buildings attracted drunks and the homeless but  generally we walked right through a little cement walkway to and from the parking lot without much problems.    About the biggest problem  was accidentally kicking a wine bottle or stepping on a human  turd.  Although, within its bowels close to the RR  tracks I was mugged once - had a blade stuck to my throat until I forked over all my money.  The guy told me he just escape from prison.  When I emptied my pockets and he was convinced he had more money than I did he felt sorry for me and sung me two religious longs about how Jesus loves me - then  I ran out of his grasp. 
 I just enjoyed looking at the grand old building.

I wondered what those towers were for?  For a watch to stay in one of them  and announce: " LOOK!  Here comes a train!"?

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