Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pigging Out at Righteous Que

One of the best barbecue joints in  Marietta is RIGHTEOUS QUE..  The pork is divine, or you could say
the swine
is divine. 

But,  the beef brisket  is even better  than the pork.

The co-owner, and Patrick, seems to be the manager in charge, seems to know all the top barbecue restaurants  owners in Marietta and even  knows their spouses.  Apparently, he worked for or with them all at one time or another.  I suppose that is how he learn to cook such mouth watering meat.  The pork tastes a lot like Sam Huff's BBQ #1. Davie Poe's BBQ2, and Grand Champion BBQ (GC BBQ).
The sides are good too.

They are kind of frugal with their bread though.  You have to ask for it.    I never heard of barbecue served without bread until we walked in this restaurant.   We asked for bread and the bread they delivered is high quality.

The restaurant is a small hole-in-the wall in the Publix Shopping Center at Roswell and East Piedmont Roads.  It has only 6 small tables, so I think  it is probably more cut out more for carry out.  The first time we ate there, and next two times we carried out.  Last night we had BBQ pulled pork salads.  The salad itself it just a salad.  Lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers, but the pork and the barbecue sauce made it.
Speaking of barbecue sauce they have regular sweet barbecue sauce and also white barbecue sauce that is supposed to be like the white mayo-based barbecue sauce in north Alabama.
Patrick is red headed and very polite and customer friendly.  I think the "Righteous" in the  name refers to a religious experience he had or felt. 

I mentioned Patrick was red headed because I thought it was interesting that a young man and a young lady, at two different times worked there were also red headed.  I wonder if they are close kin?
And  Jim's Smokin' Que just south of Blairsville is run by a mother and father and 3 red headed daughters works there.  Could it be a family chain?



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