Friday, February 07, 2014

Checking Out Woody Allen's BLUE JASMINE

BLUE JASMINE directed and written by Woody Allen

Basically, Blue Jasmine is about a woman  named  Jasmine who rose up above her commoner-life environment to the elite status.   How?  Apparently, she did it the most common way one rises above their peers, she married a rich man.

Unfortunately,  her husband, as rich and as generous as he appeared to be was nothing but a white collar crook.  He got rich by creating a Ponzi scheme which caught up with him.  Easy come, easy go.
Then Jasmine was broke.  She moved in with her sister, a hard working commoner.  As much as she turned her nose up at her sister, she wasn't above eating her food or sleep under her roof.
The movie was typical Woody Allen.  A typical Woody Allen movie writes itself.  One just  adds the plot and step back - The story starts metamorphosing on its own.  Or, that is how it appears anyway.

If you like disappointments, disillusions, pretentious, superficial, and despair with an occasional wise-crack that adds or take away from something profound you will probably like this.  I know I did.  



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