Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bhob Stewart (1937 - 2014)

book Bhob compiled and edited

Bhob Stewart died Monday, March 24, 2014.    I electronically met Bhob through MAD comicbook, sort of.  When the Internet and bulletin boards were young we crossed paths making comments there.

In the 1990s MAD comic books were republished in four hardbound volumes, along with all the other EC comicbooks, usually with expert opinions and knowledge shared on  pages between stories .  There were three or four experts.  Bhob Stewert was one of them.

Later we ran into each other again and we became friends.  Bhob was professionally a comic book writer, TV critic, book compiler, and editor and he probably wore other publishing hats that I overlooked.

He and my friend Par Holman know more about the comicbook industry than - well, I ever will learn.  And both shared their knowledge  very generously
We would often share MAD artists stuff that we thought the other did not know about.

Also, I got to know his brother Joe Stewart and became friends with him.  Joe and I are both bloggers and we are both Tuba Skinny fans which we are always plugging.  Joe's blog is Tally Ho!  or

Comicbook Bhob created

In the past couple of years Bhob had been trying to talk me into visiting Jack Davis at his home on Saint simon's Island on the Georgia coast.  He even gave me Davis's address and telephone number, an letter on what I should say when I write him asking him for an interview  and a list 50 questions to ask him, which he wanted me to video.  I just did not have the balls to do it.  But Bhob was persistent.  He continued to send me links to  articles  that pertained to Davis.

I noticed through the years Bhob was a very focused "on task" individual.  He never strayed off the subject.

Saturday or Sunday, he sent me a picture of Jack Davis, which was a black and white picture with Jack on a motorcycle, it was probably taken in the early '50s.  Another  push?

I got an email from his brother Joe Tuesday, February 25,, telling me Bhob had died the day before.   He was 76.  He lived in Plymouth, MA.

Jack Davis, illustrator for UGA Booster club & MAD


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