Monday, February 10, 2014

Hi! I Am a Flying Tiger Relative

Years ago I bought the book THE HERITAGE OF CHEROKEE COUNTY, GEORGIA (1831-1998).  The bulk of the book are little family essays  of families in Cherokee County.   It has a lot of genealogy information.  As a matter of fact, I wrote two of the articles.  Now that I updated my Family Tree Maker genealogy  program I am re-reading the book to see if I missed something, which I am finding I did.  This morning for instance,  I found that I am related to a member of the famed FYING TIGERS aviators of WWII.   Lt. Col. Orlando Waller Wood, Jr. and I are both descended from Eugene Hargraves Tyson and Elizabeth Huey Tyson.   He is a little too distant relative  for a claim to fame, but interesting anyway.

Along those same lines as claiming my distant cousin  Lt. Col. Orlando Waller Wood, Jr., FLYING TIGER member, as a claim to fame, I was thinking it would be funny if I pulled out my leather aviator jacket and buying me a pair of  goggles and take on the personality of a FLYING TIGER pilot.... as a joke, of course.
Which reminds me of a first cousin and her in-laws.   At her wedding , her brother-in-law, actually who would become her brother-in-law before the evening was over, seemed like a  studious sort of person, polite and quiet.  I think he lived near his parents in Chattanooga.  About  ten years rolled by and I saw him at another funeral.  It seemed he was taller and heavier.  Also, he had on Indian attire.  I think he had a lot of leather on and a feather someplace and maybe some color markings on his arms or something .  J asked my cousin what  about her brother-in-law and she told me he had gotten into genealogy and found out he is 1/32nd Indian.   Kowubungi!



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