Wednesday, February 19, 2014

O.M.'s Doctors Office

Yesterday I went with  Anna to her doctor.   Correction:   I did not go to the doctor with her; I just went to the waiting room with her.   Our doctors' office, if not the oldest  internal medicine doctors office it is one of the oldest in town..  I went there as a teenager before I was even driving age.  Of course, there has been  several turnovers of 60 or so years but old Mariettans are attracted there.
We were sitting in the waiting room when Betty Guthrie McCord came in and sat in our little group of chairs.  I spoke and she recognized me.  Betty is always very friendly and happy looking.  Her late husband Earl McCord worked for the Marietta  Post Office.  Although we both worked for the Marietta Post Office as clerks we worked at two different offices, but we had some common postal friends.

Anna was called back and Betty and I continued to talk about old friends and old haunts.  Then, behind her I saw Linda White Watkins and her mother Lois Frasure White come in.  Back during high school and before I went into the Navy  Linda's twin brother Larry and I were good friends. 

I was somewhat surprised that Linda and Betty didn't know each other. - or couldn't remember each other.  Linda and Larry's older sister Jo Ann and her late husband Robert lived just  two houses down from Betty and her family.  Small world, and so close.  Oh well.

After Betty was  called in I moved over and sat with Linda and  her mother Lois.  Lois is 96 years of age and is alert and walks with no trouble.  Well, she had a cane but she carried that cane without missing  a step, with a pretty healthy robust walk.

I told Betty if an O.M. sits in that waiting room long  enough he is going to have a reunion with an old friend.  It is destiny.

One of the employees there walks around and makes sure people have their paperwork in order and keeping the magazines straight and encourage them to read some of the magazines.  .  I think I could do not only that put have a shitload of local gossip to tell them.

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