Thursday, February 06, 2014

Pigging Out at Righteous Ques BBQ

Tonight we ate  the first time at Righteous Ques barbecue restaurant.   We ordered pulled pork.  It was delicious.  It is a small 6 tables restaurant in the Publix Shopping Center at East Piedmont and Roswell Roads.  We usually have a sixth sense or a nose for smelling  out good BBQ.  This one has been within just a few miles of since July.  Are our senses dulling?  No, we rarely drive that way and just plainly didn't see it.  But as soon as we  did ride by and notice the BBQ sign we jumped right on the Internet and researched it.   The on-line reviews were mixed.  No one denied they had great beef briskets and it seems  all other selections were academic opinions.  We decided to see for ourselves.

As I said, the pulled pork is good, very good.  It is in line with Marietta's top barbecue joints, such  as Sam Huff's BBQ #1, , David Poe's BBQ#2., and  Grand Champion BBQ (otherwise known as GC BBQ).  Have you heard of the white mayonnaise based barbecue sauce that is popular in north Alabama?  They have their version of  it as a sauce selection, I thought it was very good.   The slaw was good and the Brunswick stew was good and tangy or spicy, with a lot of meat.

About the only  complaint we had is that they do not serve bread with the meal, but it is available on request.
We talked to one of the co-owners and he was very enthused and willing to talk about it all, the good and the bad.   All the BBQ experts mentioned above, he had  either worked with them or for them and respected them all.   

Also He is customer friendly, and willing to bend to please.

We will try the beef brisket next.

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