Monday, June 04, 2012

Woodstock Bluegrass Jamboree June 2, 2012

Saturday evening we went to the Woodstock Bluegrass Jamboree at the Community Church on Ropemill Road.

First we went to a restaurant that we heard about , A Taste of Italy, in Publix Shopping Center north of Woodstock. We had a deluxe pizza without anchovies. At first we sat down at an empty booth and waited for a while. Then we figured out you are suppose to go up to the counter and place your order. It is not a big restaurant, just a shopping center storefront size with about eight booths. The pizza was good. The next time we might feel more adventurous and try lasagna or maybe veal parmesan or something spicy.

There were only three sets of parents and a room full of adolescent and/ or preteen girls in red uniforms. I figure they were probably soft-ball players. Two of the men had on the same kind of sport uniforms. The men had a 12 pack of beer they were pulling from. One man said he had to go to the rest room and one of the other men said he needed to go too. The first man said, “Damn! One of us will have to piss in the sink!”

That quick wit was so wrong in so many ways, within earshot of the girls.  tch tch.

An older lady was eating alone behind us. Once she got up and rearranged some scattered chairs. She told somebody she didn’t work there, she was just being neighborly. Later I overheard the young owner trying to talk her into eating her meat balls or at least let him put it in a bowl for her to carry home and she told him she just wasn’t very hungry.

After dinner we looked for the mill ruins of Ropemill, which is probably near Little River and couldn’t find it.

At the Community Church where the Jamboree is always held, admission is $7 per person.  I thought I would pay by credit card. I get monetarily awards for the number of times I use the card.  Other times I have seen people use their credit card to pay their admission.  They simply hand it to the person that is taking the money and that person pulls it through a little machine that is no bigger than a cellphone and they are on their way.  Not this time!  The machine could not come alive long enough to scan my number.  This is more proof that I am so invisible that even machines ignore me.
The first band was Bluebilly Grit Band. The name reflect their bluegrass and rockabilly leaning. The band was very lively and very good. They had 5 members who played bluegrass instruments and sung and one singer, which was the daughter of the leader. They are mostly from Dahlonega.

The second group was the Jot-Em Down Boys, which were good as always. They are more or less the organizers and house-band. This time they had two guests to play with them, which I didn't catch their names: a sandy-hair man that played the guitar and a graceful young lady who played the fiddle, or violin, who complemented the regular guy Danny. They did a great job together – it was nothing like Dueling Banjos or anything like that. Both the guest artists were very much attuned to all the band members and did an excellent job giving them support,

The video is just fragments and pieces of what you missed.

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