Tuesday, June 05, 2012

This Old House in the Boondocks

This house is on East Dixie Avenue, Marietta, Georiga. I took this picture about ten or twelve years ago. The last time I looked at the house, the screen was gone.

My mother and father lived in the house in 1937 as borders. They were newlyweds. My mother said she saw a ghost in the house one night. The ghost was redheaded man and wore a blue suit; one arm appeared to be behind him. She described the ghost to the landlady the next mornling and she said her redheaded husband was buried in a blue suit and, of course, only had one arm.

Years later, in the late mid-late fifties Billy Joe and Jack Royal moved with their sisters and parents into the house and lived for a short time.  I asked them about the red-headed ghost and they didn't see it.

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