Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Moose Antlers and My Late Brother-in-law

My late brother-in-law, Tommy Prance (1935 – 1988), killed the two moose that wore these sets of antlers, in British Columbia, in 1977. One was such a record breaker it made it in the book RECORDS OF NORTH AMERICAN BIG GAMES, 8th Edition, 1981.

The antlers were on loan to a middle school in Cartersville, Georgia, for the kid’s education and amusement. The new principal, a very nice lady, asked if they could return them. I think there was a storage problem.

We picked them up yesterday.

Tommy's Widow Thelma

Tommy worked hard, played hard, and hunted hard.  His house had stuffed wild animals, gater skins, deer heads, and all sorts of taxidermy trophies.    He seemed to always be in good hyper spirits, I enjoyed every moment I was around him.
Tommy with one of his CATches that ended up in his daughter’s home – or its hide did anyway.


Anonymous Tammy Prance said...

Thanks for the pictures Eddie. I had not seen these in a while and am SO EXCITED that they now have a new home.

7:45 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...

Tammy, They are a sight to look at! Impressive! We cleared off an area on the wall in the den to hang it. And now, we are in the process of having the guy who is installing the plumbing fixtures and things to the bathroom to help us put them up. I hope you are better from the virus you had last week.

8:38 AM  

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