Saturday, June 30, 2012

Business Statistics to Ponder

Here are two statistics to ponder:

1.  The Average American Worker admits to wasting 2 hours of work time on the Internet each day.
- Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Page-a-Day Calendar, June 26, 2012.

2.  In 2005, the average CEO earned more in 1 workday than the average worker earned all year.
-Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Page-a-Day Calendar, June 28, 2012.

If the average American Worker admits wasting 2 hours on the Internet what about the workers that didn't admit to anything?  And if that is the average, consider the thousands of American workers who did not have access to the Internet while they were on the clock, such as Postal Workers and retail sales clerks.  Average-wise, that would give the ones that did more than 2 hours on the Internet daily.

Then imagine if you could get all the workers to take a loyaty oath saying they would not get on the Internet, accept for official business, imagine how much production would go up;  At least 25%.

Another statistic is that the average worker's pay has been decreasing the same time the average CEO's pay has been increasing.  So, overall this means if the average worker gives up his Internet habit he can raise his CEO's pay about 25% and maybe the leap in profits the CEO can buy that 2nd jet, yatch, or island he has always wanted. 

And the worker can have the satisfaction of honestly giving his all to his job without cheating - he is  getting a satisfaction money can't buy and the CEO is getting a satisfaction money can buy, so everybody is happy!

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