Friday, September 16, 2011

Topping Memories - Small World

Maryann and I were walking to our cars from the Marietta Museum of History and along the walk by the railroad tracks we ran into Brad Quinlin. Brad is an expert on battles fought on our soil, such as the Revolutionary War, Civil War, French-Indian Wars, and whatever else. You may have seen him on the genealogy series, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? helping Matthew Broderick find his ancestor's grave in the Marietta National Cemetery.

We have attended one of his lectures a month or so ago. We spoke to him and he looked us over and knew he has seen us before and told us some good news about publishing a book soon about the Ohio 21st in the Civil War.

Then another friend, Ray, walked up. In just a few minutes Ray, Brad, and Maryann were all talking about a little town Harkwick, MA that they all knew about. They knew the streets, the name of the cemeteries, the hills, and they each got more excited as they name dropped and they each knew exactly what the person was talking about. Have you ever heard of the softdrink MOXIE?

Then Dan Cox, the museum CEO walked up, He just acquired another prize airplane for the Marietta Aviation Museum from Lovejoy, Georgia. It should be delivered in just a few days. He was glowing with pride.

I wish I put it all on video. It is hard trying to remember all the names, streets, and hills in Harkwick, MA . If I had just pressed video instead of still.

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