Thursday, September 15, 2011


Tuesday Anna and I had lunch at the newly moved Douceur de France. Ooh la La!

The Douceur de France originally was located in the corner house on Glover/Butler/Atlanta Street, which was my childhood neighborhood. Carolyn M. lived in that house back then. For a restaurant, the house was a bit too small but quaint. Behind a counter there were all kinds of bakery items for sale with novelty items to make it interesting. Luckily enough, they had enough room outside for tables in pleasant weather.

Now they have moved to the old Kirk’s Supermarket building on what was Powder Springs Street and is now the Marietta Loop.

Kirk's moved to this building after they outgrew their store on Roswell and Dodd Streets.

When we parked Anna went on ahead of me. Actually I think I was walking with her but after the first few steps I realized I still had my shades on, so I went back to the car to find my regular glasses. I entered the restaurant just in time for three camouflage-uniform personnel to get in front of me, but the one who held the door opened for his comrades also held the door opened for me as I shot by him to catch Anna. As I approached Anna and the waitress walking towards the back, I heard the waitress apologize (in a French accent of course) that she did not mean to rush us, but she needed to seat us as the crowd would increase in a matter of minutes….. anytime now! A few people drifted in and a few drifted out, so I don’t think it ever got as crowded as the waitress expected.

As I looked around what use to be Kirk’s Supermarket, I recognized where I worked as a teenager for a couple of years as a bagger. We were seated by a big metal door that led to the Kirk’s meat locker/refrigeration room. This room brought back lots of memories from the good old days. An image came to me of a man that reminded me of a penguin walking around talking to himself. It was a real market with the smells of fish, meat and vegetables, unlike the big box stores we visit today. It was good to see the old haunt with a new life.

Now the interior has a modern shiny appearance that is just not as quaint and homey like the Glover St. location. I mentioned to the waitress it sure is bigger from where they moved. She told me the owners wanted a larger kitchen.

We both ordered Spinach Quiche that was delicious. Believe me, Real Men Eat Quiche, but I don’t think Real Quiche liked me. I had a stomach ailment the next day. Anna didn’t have a problem, so guess it was just me.

Bon Appetite!

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Anonymous G said...

Kirks brings back mmories. My mom was a big customer of theirs and the other one -- Big Apple was it?

My dad gave her a "special" checking account for groceries only, because she was notorious for bouncing checks. Kirks knew the check would eventually be good, so they were tolerant.

That wouldn't be the case today :)

5:16 AM  

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