Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lunch - Checking Out a New Eatery

We like to eat at new restaurants to see what they have. During our visits, we review as to whether the new location would be suitable for a family birthday party of ten, which we have fairly often.

Friday we went to The Chicken and the Egg located in the shopping center on the corner of Whitlock Avenue and Burnt Hickory Road, or in other words, the same shopping center as Gabriel’s. It is the third restaurant that has been in this spot, first being an upscale Italian named Bubbalini’s. The second was Gem City Grill. The Chicken and the Egg is an upscale Southern Living style eatery.

We arrived in the main dining area a little before noon. The booths around the room were full and a couple of large groups were at tables in the middle. One long table near us had 10 elderly ladies enjoying each other’s company, Another table had about 6 or 7 women in black t-shirts marked 40 years Cobb Fire Department. We two were seated at a table for four and promptly forgotten. I feel I should put in now that we did not have the quickest or detailed waitress there. I noticed she seated someone after she seated us and took their order before us. We waited what seemed to be a long time. I think that is partly because we were behind a support beam and probably hard to notice. Of course frequent readers know I’m invisible, which may have had something to do with it. Anna was just about to get up and leave.

When our waitress did get around to taking our order she brought some little muffins with sweetened butter that was very good, but she did not bring bread plates. By this time, the couple that had given their order first was already on their 2nd batch of muffins. They got their food and were already finished and out the door before we were half way through.

I ordered blacken grilled catfish and Anna ordered chicken. We ordered the same sides, but she got one of the sides wrong. That’s OK because she brought the right side, and we got to keep the wrong side too. All and all, I think the meat and fish were fairly good, but everything was entirely too salty. I know that is a problem in lots of restaurants today, but somehow we had expected something better since we had heard a lot of good reviews.

I hope the earlier couple left the waitress a nice tip because she deserved it with them as she deserved the small tip we left. We will vote with our feet and not be back there.



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