Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pretend Beatles

Tonight we went to Woodstock, Georgia. First we dined at IPP'S on Main Street. It is short for Ippolito's. Ippolito's has several Italian restaurants around Metro Atlanta. We have eaten at the one near Town Center several times and never had a bad meal there. We had salads with their delicious Italian bread with their sauce and I ordered some meatballs which complemented everything, even my black shirt. Just joking about the meatballs complementing my shirt, but I was afraid I might drop some sauce on my new black shirt that said GHOSTS IN MARIETTA. We couldn't have that, that might look like blood splattered on it.

The food was good and afterwards we took our lawn seats and went across the street to the park to see the conert. It was a Beatle-pretend band. Some of their music sounded very much like the Beatles and some of it very much didn't. It was a relaxing evening of watching people.

When I went down front to get a few shots of video of the band doing their thing I noticed two young police officers carrying a tall guy out. The police officers were acting police officers. I think the only weapons they had was a flashlight a cell phone. In fact, I think they were Explorer scouts The guy they were forcing out was a tall man. Each officer held a hand at arms lenght and guilded him where ever they were going like they were about to get a running start and push him to see if he could glide with those arms spread out like they were. The tall guy they were guilding looked in a daze and also had a smirk on his face.

Later, when we were walking to our car we were crossing the street near the railroad tracks and here comes the tall drunk guy with a drunk girl. Behind me all his change fell on the street. He asked me how much did I want for those chairs. I said they were not for sale. He picked up his change off the street, walked a few steps and dropped the change again. The girl with him said they have been drinking dollar beers. I guess that explains everything. The last I seen of them, they were in the middle of the street, he dropped his change again and was bending over picking up again and causing the traffic to stop and wait on him. He had no need to worry,everybody knows the Lord looks out for fools and drunks.

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