Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More About Last Saturday, the 24th!

Wait! I’m not through with Saturday, September 24, 2011 yet.

See my hand above? Do you see the little bites and the little pus heads?

Saturday evening we went to the cemetery to put new artificial flowers down at our parents’ graves. At the head of each flat bronze marker is a metal vase to hold flowers. When the vase is not in use holding flowers it should be turned upside down and into a hole about as deep as the vase is, to hold it. When we had the vase out of my parents’ marker I noticed the hole had debris in it, such as dead grass clipping, dirt, pieces of Styrofoam, etc. I reached my hand into the hole to clean it out. After two handfuls of debris and in for the third handful I noticed a weird tingling feeling all over my hand. I pulled it out of the hole and it was covered ants! Hundreds of them. Most were biting and others were crawling in all directions.

They were hard to rake off because I think their teeth, pinchers, or whatever they have had a firm hold of my flesh. Well, with enough dancing and cursing I managed to get them all off.

For the next hour or so my poor hand experience little pain pings all over. But, as you can tell by this text (that was typed using these hands) I got through it and lived and so did my hands. Now, there are only little pus capped bumps to prove my painful ordeal.

I don’t want to squeeze the bumps because I take blood thinner medicine and I bleed rather freely. Just wait until you see the pictures of my hemorrhoids tomorrow and you’ll know what I’m talking about.*

*just joking.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eddie, looks and sounds like an encounter with fire ants. What do you think? They are mean little scourges sent by the devil!

6:46 AM  
Anonymous Phil Brader said...

Confirmed ! Fire Ants. They are pervasive here in Austin, TX, and all over Texas. Now, I guess they are in Georgia.

Phil Brader
Austin, TX

2:14 PM  

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