Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chief Joseph H. Vann (1798-1844)

Did you ever see the Vann House on the state hwy 52 and Federal Hwy 225 crossing just outside Chatsworth in Murray County, Georgia?

My anscestor, Jesse Bookout worked for Chief Vann. The funny part about it, back then, it was a Georgia law that a white man could not for an Indian. When the officials found out they sent in the militia to put an end to it.

Chief Joseph Vann inherited the big white house, in an indirect kind of way, from his father Chief James Vann. He owned thousands of acres and hundreds of slaves. I think it was his father James who had a very cold blooded cruel streak in him. Joseph was a sharp businessman. I toured the Vann House with my two sons one day years ago. Did you know there are no nails in the house? It is held together by pegs and spikes and things. And also, the staircase has no support; there is nothing holding it up. It was explained to me how it kept standing all these years, but it was physics talk, which went in one ear and out the other. I just nodded my head to pretend I understood what the docent was talking about. I didn't want him or my two sons to think I was dumber than I acually am.

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