Friday, April 29, 2011

"Who Farted?"

I watched some of the Royal Wedding this morning and was impressed of shiny, the brightness, and bigness of it all.

If similar shiny, brightness happened at a wedding ceremony or reception in the ghetto or a trailer park people would think “How tacky! How gaudy!”

Also the hoards of people added to the effect. So did the close-ups. The close-ups, with HD TV, showed that they were still people with warts, bent noses, and everything else real humans have.

It was a big deal for a big event.

The network we were watching the wedding had a lip-reader to read what was being said at when thinking they were safely far enough away from the fans’ and spectators’ ears, which were candid quick one liner bits of wit.

I am not sure how I feel about that, the public need to know vs the right to privacy and confidentiality. I slightly feel like an intruder when I hear a conversation between two people that they did not intend on me hearing – all the TV viewers should feel the same way, I suppose (if they want to be like me, anyway).

It also gave me inspiration to start freelancing myself as a body language specialist. I worked with deaf people for years and communicated fine with them by the mime-body-language system.

Also, I have watched plenty of modern black humor sitcoms and movies where much of the humor is not what is said, but what the body and face expressed.

Here are a few examples of body expressions I see every day:

“Fuck you!”

“I’ll just ignore him.”

“Quit Looking at Me!”

“Up Yours!”

“Do you believe that ass-hole?”

“Ass Hole!”


“Check her out!”


“What, Me Worry?”



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