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Job Tyson's parents were John Tyson (1723-1767) and Bethany Hines (1725-1780). Here is what I have under John's name:

John Tyson (ours, I presume, judging by the date) had a "wife or sister"
named Sibbey who was mean to the slaves. Two of them (Shade & Rose)
murdered her. One slave was valuable and was sent off and sold. The other
(useless, presumably) was convicted of murder and burned at the stake "by
the sheriff at or near the town of Martinborough!"

I don't see a Sibbey on my list (probably not her official name) but I
would be interested in finding this person. The article says that this was
supposed to have happened about 1783.
-David Warren (Sept 1999).

*****The Robbins line ,many of whom consider themselves Tyson descendants,
connects with my Tyson line and this will be explained in the narrative.
Although there's a strong oral history and many-many clues that tie both
lines to Tyson descendancy, there are no major document(s)which have been
uncovered that conclusively prove descendancy. Of course, this is typical of
genealogy involving the enslaved. What is exciting though, is that this is
the first time that the Robbins family will meet as an ENTIRE family. One
line of the family is extremely fair in complexion ;in fact, they can pass
for white, although most in the younger generation aren't trying and it's
not their mind set. In previous years, this line would not associate with
the Robbins lines which had more colour. So, the two lines had separate
reunions, because the elders of both lines denied being related to one
another and taught their children to have the same attitudes . Fortunately
today, most in the younger generations think this is all so silly and now
want a meeting of the entire family. After all, this does not change who
anyone is or how anyone chooses to identify oneself. The family photo will
surely resemble a mini United Nations.
- Judy Tyson Raymond - 1999

John was a justice, coroner, and colonel for the Pitt County Militia. - Elesa Hembree.



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