Monday, April 25, 2011

Varner's Reunion April 23, 2011 Part 1

Bill Dunaway

When I was trying to get Bill Dunaway's attention to take his picture I was unsure how to address him: Mr Mayor? Mr. Ex-Mayor? Your Honor? your ex-Honorableship? or Ex-Mayor-Doodle? I finally decided just to tap him on his shoulder and aim my camera, he would know what to do.

I will have to spread these pictures over several days so I don't go over my budget with the blogging system. I will spread it out, sort of like spreading peanut-butter, or maybe a better example would be scattering it like a gardener would do manure.

Click on any picture to make it bigger and better.

Beth Sorrells
Bill Grizzard & David Clackum

billy Hawthorne

B McEntyre & Billy McGee
B McEntyre & Calvin Wallace
Bobby McEntyre
Carolyn & Paul Roper

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