Friday, March 18, 2011

Who Do I Think I am? Wow! part 8

Andrew M. Hunter (c1799 - 1848) was a son of John Hunter.

Andrew, via wagon, would haul his father’s whiskey to Augusta, Georgia, which was the closest market at the time, to sell. The trip must have taken weeks.

In 1836, the Georgia Militia was formed "to protect the citizens from Indians." John and his brother Jason are on the roster rolls that first year in 1836, which extended into the infamous "Trail of Tears". Andrew evidently stayed in the service. Twelve years later he died as a 2nd Lt in Perote, Mexico, from wounds he received in the Mexican War.

Note The Mexican War (1846 1848) was a war between, of course, The United States and Mexico, over mainly border disputes. The bulk of the war was in the Rio Grande area, which was commanded by future President Zachary Taylor. The United States gained Texas, parts of California, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. The treaty was signed 2 February 1848, twenty five days before Andrew M. HUNTER died. Although wounded, if conscious, he lived to see his side win.

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