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Who Do I Think I Am? Wow! part 18

William and Daniel Trammell and the other siblings’ great grandfather was Thomas Trammell (about 1654-1720). Thomas was the first Trammell in America. He came from Devonshire, , England. He had to pay for his fair as an indentured servant.
In the spring of 1671 Thomas sailed from Bristol, England, to America.
-John Byrd, Trammell Forum Internet site, 12/10/2000

Francis Wyeth, his master, refused to let him have his freedom after the agreed four-year servitude period. Thomas TRAMMELL, indentured servant, had to carry his master Francis WYETH to court to sue him for his freedom. The stakes were not exactly even. If he lost he faced a possible whipping or flogging for questioning the authority of his master. On the other hand if the Master lost, all he would lose was the servant with no penalties involved. An American way of life was getting started.

In the Minutes of the Council of the General Court of Virginia, dated March 5, 1674/1675, page 405, is this entry: "Upon oath of Captain Moore that Thomas TRAMMELL came to this country but for four years - it is ordered that he be acquitted from services and that Mr. Francis Wyeth, his master, do pay him coin and clothes according to custom and costs."

Noticed that the Court's Minutes used "Mr. Francis Wyeth" and no-suffix "Thomas Trammell"? He won anyway. He was also awarded fifty acres to begin his duties as a citizen in the colony.

His daughter Elizabeth was born in 1672, which shows he was married with at least one child as an indentured servant.

Thomas TRAMMELL settled in Stafford County (previously Westmoreland). He died there at age seventy.

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