Thursday, March 17, 2011

Who Do I Think I am? Wow! part 7

Bert Lance is another from the Hunter/Lance gene pool.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lance was an adviser of Jimmy Carter during Carter's successful 1976 campaign. He had become acquainted with Carter during the latter's time as Governor of Georgia, and served as state highway director during his administration. Lance was an unsuccessful candidate to succeed Carter during 1974, losing a bid for the Democratic nomination. Lance finished third in the first primary, behind Lester Maddox and the eventual winner, George Busbee. Lance accrued campaign debts of nearly $600,000, partly by manipulating loans of his bank.[2] After Carter's victory over President Gerald Ford, Lance was named director of the Office of Management and the Budget (OMB). According to former OMB officials, it was well-known in the department that Bert Lance and President Carter prayed together every morning.

Within six months, questions were raised by the press and Congress about mismanagement and corruption when Lance was Chairman of the Board of Calhoun First National Bank of Georgia. William Safire's article written during this time, Carter's Broken Lance, later earned a Pulitzer Prize.
This embarrassment for Carter's administration, particularly as it occurred fairly soon after the Watergate scandal and an election victory with respect to President Ford (Richard Nixon's pardoner), caused Lance to resign as OMB director on September 21, 1977.

He went back to being president of a bank in Calhoun, Georgia, but stayed active behind the scenes in the Democrat Party.

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