Thursday, March 31, 2011

Who Do I Think I Am? Wow! part 19

John Trammell (1700 – 1755) was grandson of Thomas Trammell, the immigrant. My claim to fame with him that he once owned the land which Falls Church, Virginia, sits. Falls Church is mentioned many times in different episodes of the formative years of America in history books.

He owned the land which the town of Falls Church, Virginia now stands (just outside of Arlington, Virginia). He donated two acres of land for the now historic old "Upper Church", which is in Falls Church, Virginia

20 Sept 1733 - Truro Parish, Prince William Co., Va. Alexander Scott & wife Susanna - 200 acres on Pimmett's Run. - Whereon they never lived.
(Pimmett's Run is near the present Chain Bridge leading from Md side of the Potomac in the Dist of Columbia, to the Va side of Fairfax Co.

Bk A, p248 Mar 19, 1946, John Trammell sells 2 acres of land for 5 shillings ... for the Upper Church to be laid off Church Yard, Spring & Church.
The Upper Church of Truro Parish as laid off in 1746 is now the historic old church of Falls Church, Va.

Deed by John & Susanna, 18 June 1745/46, specifies 2 acres of land reserved for church "where the Upper Church now stands", this is the Colonial Church of Falls Church, Va. This is the church the Trammell family attended in Fairfax Co., Va.

Will recorded Bk B, pp85-86, Fairfax Court House, Va. Dated 9 apr 1773 and proved in Court May 20, 1755.

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