Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Chowing Down at The Right Wing Tavern

The old Woodstock Train Depot is the Right Wing Tavern.
We had dinner there one evening not long ago. We didn’t know what to expect. The dining area is a big room as wide as the old depot building and probably almost as long, but of course you have a kitchen and probably an office, storeroom, and restrooms.
On the walls are framed pictures of heroes of the conservative right, including George Washington. That is about it as for as décor and their statement.

And that was their statement; who they admire as American heroes. I didn’t see anything “In your face” kind of statements, unless something like that was going on in the bar area.

It seems there are several TV monitors. There are some old fixtures that I think was there when it was a depot. I remember the globe lights which seem to be all old government and school buildings.

We were seated about in the area about half the length. At the end was a row of tables which was put together to look like a long table. It was a party of young people. They were very loud young people; not rowdy, just loud. It looked like they were in their early 20s. Maybe we are just getting old.

As the waiters brought food, I noticed hamburgers, pizzas, and deep fried onion loves. Then I noticed a bottle of catsup and French’s yellow mustard at every table. Maybe the place is noted for their hamburgers.

Looking at the menu I saw that wings were pushed as appetizers – right wings, of course.

We decided to take a chance and order the founder stuffed with blue crab.

It took them a while to bring it. I don’t know that was because they were trying to gets all their ducks in a row to bring the meals of the young people at the long table their order all at one time or what. But, it was worth the wait. It was good. But I think our meal would have been tastier if we ordered hamburgers – by the looks of the burgers as the waitresses carried them by us on the way to other tables , maybe their expertise is in the ground beef.

The flounder and stuff crab was good, not outstanding to-to-die-for, but good.



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