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Above is my uncle Tom Petty posing in front of a Civil War memorial marker at the Chickamauga Battle Field Park in north Georgia, about 15 miles west of Dalton.

Chickamauga is just up the road 80 or so miles. I remember as a youngster our family would drive up that way to visit my grandmother, aunt, and little tot cousin that lived in Rossville, Georgia. Our route took us through the Chickamauga park. The park is probably nearly as big as, if not bigger than, the Gettysburg Battle Field. Gettysburg and Chickamauga has something in common: More people were killed at these two battles than any other; Gettysburg, being the 1st and Chickamauga being the 2nd, or so I heard.
I also read some someplace that nearby Chickamauga Creek, in Indian talk, translates to Bloody Creek. But it was named that before the battle.

Abraham Lincoln’s brother-in-law, Mary Todd’s brother, lost his life at the Battle of Chickamauga. He was an officer for the CSA.

This story is from EC Comics' FRONTLINE COMBAT No 8.

It is illustrated by Georgian native Jack Davis. Notice the composition. I think Jack Davis’s composition of humans in action is just overwhelming.

As in all of EC war comics of that time period, the story was written by Harvey Kurtzman. I noticed more than a few times Kurtzman shows that war spares no one, not even the young.

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