Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Heart on Valentine's Day

Here is my heart on St. Valentine's Day, 2002, when I had my heart attack. The top picture is before the procedure and the bottom picture is after.*

Then it was before cardiac procedures were allowed at Kennestone-Wellstar Hospital in Marietta. I was sent to Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta to have a stent put in

We blame the greasy Onion-Loaf that a certain "Down-Yonder" Restaurant forced-fed me at our Valentine's dinner.

As you can see, the operation was a success.

*While looking at these pictures, for the first time in years I noticed the date is 02-02-2002. Their internal clock was wrong! I estimate the two pictures were taken 2-16-02. But, I must admit 02-02-2002 has a better beat to it, like yesterday I heard one of the American Winter Olympics athletes is getting married Oct 10, 2010, which will be 10-10-2010.


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