Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The GOBAGgers Are Moving On Up

Yesterday we met upstairs at the American Legion. We were escaping the dark murky smoky basement bar. It wasn’t the darkness or the murky of the downstairs bar that bothered us but we just couldn’t stand the smoke. That smoke smell all over your clothes? Eewww!

Of course we can’t wait until the weather breaks and we can comfortably be back outside cooking and having in the barbecue pit a big fire – which swallows us in smoke.

The GOBAG social went well. We talked and had drinks and sung happy birthday to Sandy. She graciously hid her head.

Monty said when the weather permits he is going to cook catfish outside.

Paul, David, and I talked movies. We are movie buffs. The bad thing when three old farts start talking about movies frequently they cannot remember the name of the movie that is on the tip of one’s tongue or the name of the actor…. or the actress he is married to. One of us was trying to think of Nicolas Cage’s name and he tried naming his ex-wife, which he could only remember was Elvis’s daughter, or Nicolas’s uncle’s movie…GODFATHER? ACROPOLIS NOW? For everything we tried to remember we took three or four steps backward in the think-process.
But it all worked out, we thought of something else to talk about.

The video pictures came out good I think. I am not having much luck uploading it to the system. Maybe the DSL lines are weak right now. I’ll keep trying. Stay tuned.

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