Monday, February 22, 2010

A Solution to Tiger’s Marketable Problem

The media reports that because of Tiger’s’ extra-martial affairs he will have a big loss of revenues in endorsements. He was paid millions upon millions to endorse certain products. Those companies that fired him want the “clean family look” to identify with.

People like to identify with their heroes. If their hero is wearing New Balance walking shoes, they will buy a pair too.

Tiger’s image as a g
G-rated golf player has been crushed. No matter how many times he apologizes, it will take a while to renew that image.

And of course, we know how much he needs the money. After all, he has a crew on his yacht he has to pay, not to mention his house-hold staff… I bet there is a pilot to pay too. To put it in terms we might can understand: It is possible he might only earn 20 million compared to maybe a potential 35 million. He is close to being destitute!

Should we take up a collection or should we come up with a solution?

I have a solution!

Maybe he is trying to impress the wrong spenders.

What about the singles bar scene? All the men there are there for one reason. Maybe that is who his audience should be.

I have an idea for a commercial: In a pharmacy at the checkout counter, the famous golfer is standing by the counter with the cashier ringing up various drug-store items, then he said, “Also, Trojan Condoms.”

The cashier throws a pack into the sack.

He smiles and corrects her, “I mean a case”.

At this point two giggling young ladies elbow each other and give each give him the “come-on” look.

Also possibly a jock-yuppie, also in the background, gives Tiger an approving nod…, maybe a thumbs up.

The announcer goes into his usual disclaimer “for responsible adults only, sold for the prevention of disease only” and so on.

Not only could he advertise condoms, but there are beer companies willing to spend big bucks on advertising and who knows what else. This is a door opened with new opportunities.

Remember, if you can't go to the mountain, bring the mountain to you.

I think he needs a smooth fast talking agent like me.

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