Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday Afternoon in Downtown Marietta

Only a week ago the ground was covered in snow. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day with the temperature in the low 60◦s. We suddenly had the urge to emerge and go outside.

We put a leash on Willow (our adopted dog) and drove to downtown Marietta. Willow whined and cried all the way there. She might have been thinking, "This is it! What did I do this time?"

We were not the only ones that thought of taking a downtown stroll. People were strolling downtown all over the place.

The beige store on the left is now a sushi bar. It was Veach's Wholesale Grocery for years and years. Anna's father was the manager, also for years and years.

Various downtown Marietta scenes.

See the building being constructed between the Cobb Court Building and the Cobb County Administration buildings. I think that will be the new courthouse. It is to look very similar to the old courthouse that the old Cobb Countians miss so much. It looks from this point to be rising from the ashes, just like Phoenix. You may have to click on it to see it better.

The Visitors' Center, which used to be the Train Depot.

Can you hear the whistle blowing? See the thing going over the tracks? That is one of Marietta's latest progress pieces. It is a pedestrian bridge over the tracks.

In Glover Park in the Life College Gazebo was a group finely dressed up. I think a wedding was about to take place. Being the nosy person I am I got closer and studied the situation. I can do that, I'm invisible. A lady with a camera was directing members of the group how to pose. Their expressions are priceless. Take it away Rock!

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Those little girls are so cute!! What did Willow think of it all?

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