Thursday, February 18, 2010

Goodie 2-Shoes Krogering on Ash Wednesday

Yesterday we went to Krogers Grocery Store. It was Wednesday. Wednesday is Senior Discount Day.

The day before was Fat Tuesday. That means yesterday was Ash Wednesday as well as Senior Discount Day.

While shopping I noticed a couple that each had a dark smudge on their forehead. That was proof it was Ash Wednesday.

At the checkout counter I noticed a magazine from the counter magazine display rack had fallen on the floor. The magazine holding rack was attached to the thing that sells last minute items such as gum and candy. To do a public service and pick up the magazine I would have to either move my cart back, or awkwardly squeezed by my cart to get the magazine and put it back in the rack it belonged. I could also get the magazine If I moved my cart back but the couple next in line would also have to move back. So, I thought, "The heck with it!"

Speaking of the couple next in line. I noticed they both had dark smudges on their foreheads. "Ash Wednesday" I thought.

Then the Ash-Wednesday lady, who looked to be about my age, squeezed by her cart and picked up the magazine and put it back on the rack.

The cashier scanned the items I was buying. I looked at the monitor and before she started deducting my coupons she deducted 5% for the Senior Discount. Good for her.

You get to deduct more if they deduct the 5% off the gross than the net price, after the coupons.

Just as I was about to pay, the Ash Wednesday lady said, "Sir, don't forget to ask for your Senior Discount."

I thanked her and said I saw that it was already deducted. To myself, I said, "Damn! A goody two-shoes! I wonder if that soot on her forehead turned her into an angel wannabe?"

I thought about telling her some kid turned over a pyramid display of Smucker's jelly on aisle 4, if she wanted to straighten it out... better carry a mop!"


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