Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Morning Pulpit

For months now I have been retrieving Carl’s morning paper, out of the gully, when needed and putting it in the middle of his driveway where he can see it.

Carl is old and tall. I think to maneuver himself down into the gully in front of his house and bend over, he is putting his fragile bones at risk.

Carl lives over a block away. Each morning I make sure I walk by and check on his paper, and if need be, I’ll put it up in the driveway where he can see it. Carl is also almost blind.

Over a week ago, I could not find Carl’s paper in the driveway or his gully. Finally I saw it, in his carport in between his truck and car. I thought, he would never see it there.

But then I asked myself what business do I have going onto his carport to rescue his paper. If he came out it might be disturbing and he would want to know what I was up to.

I decided the heck with it, he would surely stumble onto it during the day.

Which, I think he came upon it. Everyday since then, the paper has been resting between the two vehicles. Carl doesn’t have to walk as far, and he knows where to find it. The paper deliverer must have changed his ways, or the deliverer changed.

I feel my job is done; now I can walk in any direction in the morning I choose.

Sometimes you have to let things worth themselves out.



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