Saturday, February 23, 2008

Restaurants lately

This posting is existing for the sole purpose of me trying out my new “No Farting” picture I swiped from another blog – it looks like it works pretty good.

Yesterday evening we took my Mother-In-Law to John Boy’s Country Cooking All You Can Eat Buffet. They have very good fried chicken.

While we were eating this slob of a person came in that I have seen many times. He used to work at the Krogers we frequented. One time he worked the meat market in the late evening. You know what kind of messes the Three Stooges got themselves into – well, imagine a movie about “One Stooge.” He seemed to have caused a mess and havoc every place at Krogers he worked.

I wondered for a while if he had a drinking problem, but no, I think he is just a grownup with ADD.

One time in the meat market he was frying up a big mess of sausages and was eating them as soon as they became done. I asked him were they free samples. He looked sort of surprised at the unique idea and said, “They can be – you want some?” And he broke up another package and cooked some more, so I could have a few links.

Another time he did something similar when he was transferred to the Deli section.

For the past several years in the summer time at concerts on the Square the last Fridays of the month I noticed him attending with a man in a motorized wheelchair. They come late and demand to be up front, and will literally push people out of the way with his motorized thing. One time I almost suggested to them the best way to get a seat in the place they want, come early like we do and set up your stuff, like chairs, cooler, whatever… but I didn’t.

And here and there I would see the slob. Lately, he seemed to be wearing dirty clothes. He looks to be about my age. I doubt if he is married. I haven’t seen any signs of a wife.

Yesterday evening when he walked into John Boy’s (alone) the waitress asked him where he wanted to sit and he told her just a minute, let him look at the fried chicken first, last week he was disappointed over their chicken. He looked, approved, and told her where he would sit.

Then he got two plates and started going through the line. One plate was under the top plate. We wondered why he needed two plates. He knew what he was doing. He went over to his seat, put the first full plate down and took the empty bottom plate and headed for the buffet table again. He filled it up too.

Two plates full! Nope, more than that! After he put the second full plate down he went and got another empty plate and picked up where he left off. He probably got a good double and triple servings of everything they had to offer.

Then he went and sat down and started eating and talking on his cell phone at the same time…. What a slob! Have your ever seen anybody hold a piece of chicken with both hands to their mouth and have a cell phone balanced on their shoulder? I wish I had a camera.

Then, we got up to go. Before I realized it - it slipped up on me. I let a fart rip. Not a silent one, but a ripping one! I was afraid to turn around to look, but I think my butt was right almost against the back of an elderly lady’s head. A lot of elderly people eat at John Boy’s. I know of one lady that might have second thoughts before going there again.

So, who is the most grotesque, me or the slob? I think we may have cancelled each other out.

That was yesterday. Today, we went to Smyrna for Anna hair appointment. Afterwards we went to a new barbecue restaurant called “Jim ‘N Nicks BBQ”. It was delicious. We both had pulled pork sandwiches. Anna had cole slaw and I had chili, which had onions and peppers in it. The music system played real Blues music, that really got down… is the only way I know to describe it…. People like Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters, and on and on. Good music and good food.

Although the interior was designed to attract yuppies with an the rustic ski resort look the old framed black and white pictures on the wall showed a lot of people barbecuing in different ways like at family reunions, church meetings, nearby a railroad work place, and more…. Good photographs and good food. The prices seemed a bit high, compared to the hole-in-the-wall bbq joints I like to go to… a sandwich here cost $8 to $9. But, again, I don’t think your can beat their pulled pork. A half rack of ribs were $14 and most places a half rack is about $9.99.

The waiter went on and on how fresh everything is. The food they prepared for today’s consumption came through the door this morning fresh.

So, I guess you get what you pay for.

Jim ‘N Nick’s is on South Cobb Drive, just south of the East-West Connector and is franchise. They have two more in Georgia, one in Hiram and one in Conyers. They have restaurants in all the southeastern states and Colorado.

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Blogger kenju said...

Next time that happens to me, I'm gonna blame you!

7:31 PM  
Blogger ET said...

That gives me an idea. I should have blamed the little old lady, like saying, "that little old lady pulled my finger!"

3:32 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...


OK, the first place- yes, you did a BAD thing! But I hope nobody pulled your finger OR your pork at the 2nd place! Ewwwwie!!!

8:34 AM  
Blogger ET said...

As a matter, at the 2nd restaurant all the pork sandwiches are pulled pork. You can't beat pulled pork.

9:54 AM  
Blogger Suzanne said...


11:32 AM  
Blogger deborah wilson said...

For the record: You can buy a can of fart spray at Eddie's Trick Shop in Marietta. Horrible stuff..My kids use to buy it to embarrass me in front of my friends..:)

12:31 PM  
Blogger ET said...


Eddie's trick shop also has the classic Whoopie Cushion which sounds just like the real thing - which, by the way, got me in trouble one time in high school.

1:14 PM  

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