Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year started right - so far

I started the new year off right. At daybreak I went out and walked almost 3 miles and ran about 4 minutes. I hope to continue that habit for the next 11 months, then go on my annual binge again.

We went to a New Years party last night. It was a neighborhood party. We have been dreading since we received the invitation about a week ago. We were remembering two other parties held at the same house in the past years that a few were so drunk and obnoxious they took all the enjoyment out of it.

But this year the drunken few did not show up. They phoned in their regrets and excuses.

All the dreading was for nothing. We had a good time. Which, by the way, I noticed that every time I have dreaded and anticipated some social gatherings, I found I had a great time.

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