Friday, January 27, 2006

Bye VCRs, Hello Whatever

The days of the VCR are coming to an end.

I was told that VCR pre-recorded movies are no longer made. And soon VCR machines and tapes will no longer be made. Today while shopping I bought 8 more blank tapes, and hope that will hold me off until we decide what to do.

There is Tee-Vo, which I am not sure I spelled it right, so maybe I didn’t hear it right. Both my sons have Tee-Vo (go along with me if that is the incorrect spelling). They both love it. You and program it to be on the lookout for certain people in sitcoms or movies and it copies them for you, without you even knowing they were on, until they are there on you machine. Like, if you want to make sure you catch all Woody Allen movies, it will be on the lookout for you. However, if I understand it correctly, it only holds 40 (or maybe 80) hours of stuff. So, it could fill up quickly and it is not on a disk you can remove and replace. You might find yourself hurrying to watch something so you can delete it and have room for something else. It is not a thing collectors would go for.

Another potential problem with that, my son found out is be selective what words you put in its system to watch out for. He put the Braves in it, to catch things about the Atlanta Braves. He got all kinds of Indian Braves movies come flooding in - and a few war movies with Brave in the title.

This morning at CostCo I studied the DVD recording machines. I wonder if once you copy a show on TV onto a DVD, once you watch it, is it reusable so you can copy over it again?

But if we do buy a Tee-Vo (?) or a DVD recorder it will only be a matter of time that it will as obsolete as the 8 MM movie camera and projector. That keeps the economy going and the rich getting richer, and the medium incomers held at bay.

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Blogger kenju said...

(Tivo) and yes, whatever you buy will be obsolete in 10 years or less. We have a DVD player and my daughter has a new Tivo, which she loves. I will tell her to watch out for the way she programs it, so she will not have any Indian Braves movies....LOL

3:36 PM  
Blogger ET said...

Ah so!

4:11 PM  

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