Saturday, January 14, 2006

Landmarks - The Big Chicken

New York City has its’ Empire State Building. Chicago has its’ John Hancock Building and its Water Tower. Hollywood has its’ “HOLLYWOOD” sign. And New Orleans still has most of its’ French Quarters.

Marietta is known for a few things also. It is at the foot of Kennesaw Mountain, which a decisive Civil War Battle fight was fought. In of its cemeteries is the body of little Jon Benet’ Ramsey, whose murder made national news. It is the home of Lockheed-Martin-Marietta Aircraft, who has built many airplanes for the Defense of our Nation. Billy Joe Royal grew up in Marietta and still has a home here; Travis Tritt was born in Marietta and lived in our sudvision until just a few years ago; and Troy Donnahue lived in Marietta for a short time. Also it is the home of Mark Bagley, Spiderman artist, and Skip Williamson, underground comic artist. And it is the fictional home town of Andy and George "Kingfish" Stevens of "Amos & Andy". In Marietta also was the sight of the infamous Leo Frank hanging back in 1915, which many books have been written about.

But, just two blocks away from the site of the Leo Frank hanging is what Marietta is mostly famous for: THE BIG CHICKEN.

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