Saturday, January 14, 2006

home sick blues

We were away from home running errands for 12 hours and 5 minutes yesterday. We left and 7:30am and returned at 7:35pm.

I did not realize I was such a homebody. I figured we would be home by noon, but one thing led to anther, which inspired another... there seemed to be no end.

At 7:30 last night we were nearing home and Anna asked me about checking our mail at our Post Office box at the Post Office. I more or less said Nope! We have to draw the line someplace!

One of our stops was the library. There I checked out a CD of Joe South. I don't think he is a household word or if so, only briefly. He is more of a song writer than a singer. He wrote Games People Play, Walk a Mile in my shoes, and Down In the Boondocks. He lived in nearby Smyrna, Ga., but I don't know if he still does or not. And nope, he is not Billy I wrote about yesterday.

When we finally arrived home last night, the first line of a Simon & Garfunkle song came in my brain full volume: "Gee, it's good to be back home.!"



Blogger kenju said...

There truly is "no place like home". The best thing to me is coming back to the house after a vacation. It is so good to be back where you are the most comfortable and snug.

1:17 PM  
Blogger ET said...

When I was in the service I only came home twice in a two year period, I didn't miss home at all, there were just too much to see and not enough time.
But now, I had much rather be home and all my interests near at hand.

2:42 PM  

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