Thursday, January 26, 2006

More about Ghosts

The man is running like he just saw a ghost isn’t he? Well, he thought he did (MAD #1, in HOO-HAH! Art by Jack Davis).

If there are a such thing as ghosts do you believe he/she/it would be about the same kind of person as that person was alive? Here are a few thoughts to ponder.

We once went on a ghost tour in Charleston, South Carolina. One of the houses on the Battery that is a bed and breakfast our guide told us several women who have spent the night there was grabbed or fondled by invisible hands. They believe it was the work of a horny Confederate Colonel that lived and died there. His affairs were known throughout the city. However! (I say this jabbing my forefinger up in the air) I understand that if a male (including animals) male is castrated he can no longer produce the hormones that produces the physical need or the mental need for sex….. so, why would a ghost with no testicles be fondling ladies?

That also could be applied throughout the brain. There are chemicals that are released into the brain to make us happy, giddy, sad, angry, relaxed, and whatever. And some people have the need to take certain medicines or drugs to keep the balance right – right? So, if you don’t have the organs needed to release these chemicals to the brain – wait! What brain?

Now, having said that, back in the late 1940s here in Marietta a girl, age 10, was chasing a ball across a busy street and was ran over by a teenager driving. She was killed instantly. No charges were brought against the teenager because the accident could not be prevented on his part. She has a name, I just forgot what it is… for the sake of this, lets call her Lucy.

Lucy is still seen today. For the past 20 or so years a doctor and his well educated family lived in the house. After the head doctor died the family sold the house and now it is part of the Kennestone Hospital complex. All members of the family have seen little Lucy often. They said often she can be seen running across the street, into the house, up to a room across from what used to be her bedroom, to what used to be a sewing room and go through the motions of sewing something, the whole time saying, “Oh dear, I have to fix this.” The family was not shocked by her, just mildly amused. One Sunday afternoon they had a pool party and a beach ball the partiers were bouncing around and the ball went into the opened bathroom window. Someone went inside to retrieve it and was shocked to see the ball bouncing on its own over the tub. It would be knocked up and then knocked town, and then back up again.

By the way, as I mentioned a big medical building was erected on the site. Now, the staff there have complained about the lights going off and on for no reason, and also some of their technical machines would do something crazy. Is Lucy thinking of taking up electronics as a career?


Blogger kenju said...

They have poltergeists!

8:08 PM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

I think castration does not entirely eliminate sexual urges. I have heard that rabbits that are castrated will still try to mate with female rabbits. (And that spayed female rabbits can become convinced that they are pregnant, complete with physical changes.)

1:38 PM  

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