Thursday, February 08, 2018

Throwback Thursday, 1965 NY World's Fair

Throwback Thursday: 1965 NY World's Fair.  In the right of center, near the bottom are three lovely women:  My two sisters Bonnie and Frances Hunter, and my Mama, Ethel America "Janie" Petty Hunter.

The second picture is Mama at the China Pavilion haggling over merchandise on display in the true spirit of dealing with street vendors.

The third picture is Janie with the Hudson River and Bear Mountain State Park behind her - and to her right, which is out of view is West Point.
And Bonnie at the Metropolitan Art Museum on 5th Avenue, NYC. 

And that's me behind the camera.

I was stationed in Lakehurst, New Jersey.  Frances drove them up.  They met me and we drove Carmel, NY, about sixty miles above New York City to visit with Mama's brother Roy for a couple of days.

Then the NY World's Fair.

Then, the next day I gave them a whistle stop tour of New York City.



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