Saturday, February 27, 2016

Who Covered Up The Old Court House?

Friday the Marietta Museum of History had an opened discussion on the tearing down of the Old Cobb County Court House and building a new one.

The old one, I suppose, wasn't missed until it was no longer there.  Literally removed off the face of the earth.   The court house replacement  was built with little plans, kind of like plan as you go when each new problem arises which of course hopped skipped and jumped over the bidding contract system of tax paid projects.

I remember Herbert McCollum was the commissioner who was all for doing away with the old  building a new one. 
It was just about an overall consensus  that Cobb County leaped into the fast modern times and they needed their Face-front buildings to reflect that.

When it was gone we realized what a Mecca we had that slipped through our fingers.

Where did the material  go that came down with the building.?  The wood and the bricks.  One lady said her late husband got the timber and they built their house with it.  I have been told that the owner of either Discount Lumber or Discount Building Supply got the bricks and made his home with them.

Listening to people talk about how things were and who did what to shift's the direction of Marietta History I heard a   lot of name dropping of the elite.   And that is why we were there, to hear the names dropped.

Herbert McCollum's Deputy Commissioner Cliff White, who was our neighbor behind us., I don't know just what his role was with out with the old and in with the new, rather quickly played. Oops!  There I go name dropping.
It was said several times what a great town Marietta is and how some people who came here to work for a short period of time, like the military people, liked it so much they returned..   A friend and I were talking a few days before that that we think or believe that Marietta also has a very high rate of natives who stayed planted in Cobb County.  Other places, people just  live in their home town  long enough to get their basic education, then move on.  Not so in Marietta very much.

Mrs. Clara Howell,(name dropping again)  my high school science teacher, took the mike and said  a lot of people are using Photo Shop with their memories.  She reminded us of all  spit, snuff spit, tobacco spit, on the pavement  that you had to watch your step in front of the Old Court House  and all the idle men that hung out there.

The lawyer who made our will, Don Smith (opps! Name dropping again)  recalled from his memory when he watched a murder trial at the old court house while sitting in an opened window.  I was impressed.  Not only about watching a trial  sitting in a window where he could fall and no one cared but of all the facts he said I quickly calculated he was 92 years old and was very robustly healthy looking.  Wow!
What he said reminded me of a time in my preteen years that I was hooked on the lawyer series on Saturday night TV, PERRY MASON.   I was so interested I wanted to watch a real live trial at the court house.  My daddy told me the next time there was to be a trial by jury  and I went and had a seat in a pew.

A black man was on trial for raping a black lady behind a school house at night.  The trial was a sign of the times just how much a Jim Crow style of living we were living in and didn't even realize it.  All the court officers were white including the jury.  Both the defense attorney and the DAA took on the stereotyped black accent when they questioned the accusing lady, or victim, and also the accused, like that was all they could understand.    They had the jury (certainly not their peers) rolling with laughter.

The two black people were openly being publicly mocked, ridiculed,  and made fun of at their own expense.  I did not stick around to see if he was found innocent or guilty.  I think in the jury eyes they were both guilty of being  themselves, anyway.

I think that is another case of  Clara Howell's  Mind Photo Shop.



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