Monday, February 01, 2016

Plains, Georgia, November 1976

A Sampling of my Wares

Jimmy's Brother Billy Carter on the move.

Billy Carter's Service Station

Jimmy's Mother "Miss Lillian" Carter on the move

Miss Lillian Carter in the Railroad Depot autographing. 

Miss Lillian was very congenial and polite to all the gawkers  around her.  But she had to snap at a couple of people who reached out to shake her hand.  Apparently she did not want to touch anybody's germy hands.  I'm sure being a nurse for any years taught her that humans are natural carriers of germs.

In November 1976, after Jimmy Carter was elected President, Anna and I drove down to Plains, Georgia.  I took a lot of pictures of the town.  I took on the role of a rude unscrupulous prying paparazzi  photographer.  

About 30 years later when I started my blog Chicken-fat in a desperate search for material I remembered my Plains pictures and  published them on the blog.  There are some pictures of Mrs. Lillian Carter signing autographs;  some of Billy Carter; and some buildings.  Actually, just after I took a picture of Billy in his vehicle he shot me a bird- he caught me with my camera down.... I miss the best shots sometimes.

Arcadia Press is releasing  a book about Plains, and Jimmy Carter.  The editor, Bobby Buccallato searched and found my Plains pictures on Chicken-fat.  He emailed me and asked for permission to use some of them in his book and I said sure.

Today the book JIMMY CARTER IN PLAINS will be released.  The launching site is the Carter Center in Atlanta.  We were asked to be there this evening.  We probably will.

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