Friday, February 05, 2016


Strangest thing happened the other day.  I came across this picture of my grandma Viola Petty sitting with her local grandchildren.  I think it was about 1959, judging by the estimated age of the grandchildren.  Grandma was ageless during the time I knew her.

Then, the next day I came across a 8mm home movie with Grandma sitting in the same place and so were  her grandchildren.   It was apparently taken the same time the picture was taken.  The kids couldn't keep still.  It was as if the black and white picture came to life.  The kids were all moving and cutting up.  Most were preteens,  just the age that they felt they had to act obnoxious in front of a movie camera.. 

Then Grandma reached around someone and slapped her grandson Anthony in the face. 

I didn't see that coming.  But there is a page two.

Page two.

Grandma was Anthony's Nanny.  That gave her parental authority over him.  And the slap was more like a love pat, not like a blow.... She probably told him to calm down.

When Anthony grew up he became the  chief crime investor for the Cobb County Sheriff Department.  Many times at a murder scene when the TV news covered it I saw Antony at the crime scene photographing and videoing it.

It would serve him right, if when filming a murdered victim for it to jump and start dancing and making obnoxious faces  in front of the camera, then everybody laughed, like it was a fake murder, all set up to pull a practical joke on him.


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