Friday, February 19, 2016

The Good Looking Discount

I noticed the other day my passport had expired almost a year ago.   I made a mental note the next time I had any postal window business I would talk to them about it.  Which today I did.

Bill, the window clerk, gave me some forms to fill out and told me to send them to the PassPort Office Bill asked me how long have they been expired.  "Less than a year."
Bill said the form along with a picture would be good.  He said after five years expiration and you might would have to go through the  whole process again with a birth certificate and all the other documents to prove you are you.  He said just fill out the form he gave me, a passport picture, and a check.  He turned  to the clerk Coco  beside him and asked how much do they charge to renew a passport now.

Coco said, "$110.00."

I said, $110 ?  But what if I am good looking?"

Coco said, "Good looking discount?  It doesn't  apply here."


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