Sunday, February 21, 2016


I took this picture in 1979 at our cousin Becky McLemore's wedding.

This is my first cousin Anthony Rollins.   If you went to Marietta High School you might know him as "Mole".  He is the only son of my mother's sister Opal Petty.   When I was in my mid 20s it seemed that every place I went Anthony worked there.  I walk in Riches and he was working in Men's Clothing.  I go to Thoni's Pizza, there was Anthony behind the counter.  He married Martha and they had two sons; Jonathan and Nicholas.    Unfortunately, Martha died and fortunately, he married  Patricia  Ann.  

Anthony is a retired Cobb County Deputy Sheriff.   I think his rank was Lieutenant.  He was the crime scene investigator.  On the local TV news, if there was a murder and the TV camera crews were there, you would usually see Anthony with his camera or lab tools.

Anthony and Martha loved to go to story tellers  gatherings.   He developed his own unique style of telling his own life epics  with humorous and ironic twists. 



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