Wednesday, February 03, 2016

On this Date in History, Jumbo Was Bought.

On this date, Feb 3, 1882 Circus owner PT Barnum bought his world famous elephant Jumbo.

I haven't heard of Jumbo but I have heard of Jumbo's brother Dumbo. Dumbo could fly.  Remember Walt Disney's movie about DUMBO THE FLYING ELEPHANT?

Actually aeronautically  Dumbo could not fly, he did not have hollow bones like a bird, had a gut on him, and no wings.  But he was fooled.  He was told all that he had to do was to  hold a feather in his trunk he could fly like a bird.   It is "mind over matter" thing, like a Placebo pill.

But one day he found he could not fly and went crashing down.

That is much like all but one of the presidential contenders.  They were each told he/she will be the next President if he/she had the right symbolic feather.

Only one will become president and then the rest will know they were lied to and go crashing down.  Sad


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